Saturday, February 4, 2012

waiting for the snow

I planned a day trip to Farmington.

Woke up and the sky was heavy and grey. Looked like snow. Snow was not predicted, partial sun was predicted. I got ready to leave. I looked out the window; it was snowing.

Big lazy flakes disgorged from the low sky. It piled up. I despaired.

I checked weather sites online: cold, partial sun. I waited for the snow. It stopped.

I quick-scooped the driveway and jumped into the car with the dog. Off we went. I stopped for gift loaves of bread and coffee for myself. OK, truth. I got a chocolate raspberry danish too. Hey, it's the Crack Shack, what do you expect? You may be addicted to kale and ginger, you stop here you will find new addictions.

North, no sign of new snow. All sun. I stopped to wash the car. Put on my sunglasses. Cranked up the radio. I love those weekend road trips.

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