Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reiki Share

Went to a Reiki share tonight and it was wonderful. There were 12 of us: all levels, all walks of life, all committed to Reiki and health. Old members embraced and we welcomed several new members. We talked about Reiki, and how we practice. Most of us practice daily self-Reiki, Reiki on pets and loved ones.

We broke into 3 groups of 4. We have only one Reiki table, so 2 groups did chair Reiki. I was in one of the chair groups.

First we did a Sufi breathing exercise. I felt so grounded. It felt like my busy spinning frantic life settled down into the calming energy of Gaia. I was transmuted. My breathing changed, my thoughts spiraled down into a peaceful puddle.

We joined hands and recited the Reiki principles.

I took up the floor position. I like to sit on the floor. So I worked on knees, shins, ankles, and feet. The Reiki energy pulsed through my body. I felt the heat. I cracked open my eyelids to check the client. He was grinning. He looked blissfully relaxed. Afterwards he said that the pain in his knee disappeared 10 seconds after I placed my hand there.

I could hear the group in the next room. They were whispering. Someone came in our room to grab some tissues. Someone was crying. The lights were dim and it reminded me of a slumber party or a Reiki retreat.

We moved on to another recipient. Again, we held hands and recited the Reiki principles. We reviewed the symbols. I placed a hand on each knee. I asked to be guided by love and wisdom. My whole body throbbed with the energy. I checked the client's face. She looked placid, benign, relaxed. I continued down towards her ankles. I could feel the heat. I asked for her best health.

Afterwards we all gathered. There was a big brown teddy bear, probably 2 1/2 feet tall, super soft: irresistibly huggable. We passed it around. We shared our impressions, visions, and hopes. There were new connections, promises of future gatherings, and gratitude for what was.

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