Sunday, February 5, 2012


Lecturing on cancer tomorrow.

The theory is... cancer starts when a cell mutates. Why does it mutate? We don't know. Could be an environmental toxin, a genetic defect, trauma, viral... we don't know. Anyway, it mutates. Then maybe it will die. That's good. Or maybe it lives and multiplies; that's bad. Maybe it grows, develops a blood supply, and grows more. It presses on the tissues around it causing pain and problems. Maybe it gets into the bloodstream or lymph system and spreads to another location. That's metastasis. In the new location it starts to grow, develops a blood supply, and grows more. More problems. That's cancer.

What are the medical treatments? Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

What does a person with cancer look like? They look like themselves. As nurses we work with the patient to help figure out his or her path to optimal health. Then we help them along their path; we do whatever we can to help the patient achieve his or her best health.

Sometimes Reiki is a nursing intervention for the person with cancer. Reiki can help reduce stress and pain, and increase a sense of empowerment. The person with cancer may be able to relax and sleep better after a Reiki session.