Monday, March 19, 2012


seems to have sprung in March in Maine. It was 70 F again today.

Snow is gone, ice is out. I saw 3 young men, likely from the local college, tossing a frisbee and drinking beer beside the Sandy River.

The vision was shades of brown, white, and blue. Grass, fields, river, and trees brown; all shades from tan to deep rich cocoa. Sky was Wedgewood blue. Boys' chests and legs startling white. Maine skin white.

Which is healthy, by the way. Own your skin color! Don't try to change it with creams or tanning beds.

Ok. Back to spring. I love the songbirds. The sun and temps are wonderful, but scary. I mean, global warming. March in Maine is usually snowy, 30. If you're lucky: 40. But 70? Freaky.