Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jane Eyre: life suspended

So... had big plans for today. Visit a sick friend, call family, fetch spring water, mingle with society, prepare for lectures, climb a mountain, cook, and do housework.

Jane Eyre took over. Couldn't put it down. I carried to the kitchen, read outside in the summerhouse as snow melted and Fluffy sprawled in the slush, read in my sunny living room. On a nook you can't see where the end is, and if it's good you just keep reading. I did. I laughed & cried, I marveled at the language, the vocabulary, the sensitivity, details, and most of all: the unsaid. I suffered as an orphan, poked up the peat fire, wandered the moors, recoiled from the marble minister with the Greek profile, and finally sat happily on Mr Rochester's lap.

It's a classic- as such- a free download. Read it recently? Be Jane. 

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