Monday, March 12, 2012

ethics of practice

A co-worker asked me about Reiki today.

She said, "I had a Reiki session this weekend. The lady told me I had two chakras going the wrong way. She said that was bad. What do you think of that?"

"What do I think? I think she wanted you to go back for another session. She's reckless and irresponsible," I blurted. "Let me explain. First of all, the practitioner should remain positive. She shouldn't tell you something's wrong with you. Second; the session should be about you. Your journey, your experience, your insights. When she told you what she perceived then the session became about her. Her ego, her vision, her experience. What else? Well, chakras are from yoga, not Reiki. Did she tell you that you need another session?"

"Yes, she did. I'm going back next week," my coworker told me.

"Umm hmmm. Well. Sorry to say so much, I"m just telling you what I tell my team of practitioners. We practice medical Reiki, anyway, not shamanic Reiki," I explained. "Because we practice in a medical institution, we work in a way that would be acceptable to nurses and physicians. We don't diagnose medical problems, we don't give bad news, and really, we don't say much. It's not about us."

Anyway, that's what I told her. How about you Reiki practitioners out there. What do you think? Is your practice similar? 


  1. If the practitioner knew enough to know that the Chakras were going the wrong way, she should have had the skill to correct them in a matter of a few minutes. It doesn't take an entire session to work on 2 chakras. And yes, that is more Shamanic Reiki. I am just learning a method of Energy Healing that works on helping a person run their energies and clear out their chakras. I don't have a professional Reiki practice yet; but when I give Reiki, I just give Reiki. I agree with you- that it seems like the practitioner was looking for more business. Or they should have been up front about how they work. If the person gets a lot out of the session, they'll be back.

  2. Meredith, I agree. Something like this happened to me once. I wrote a blog about it. Here is the link:

    I agree with you too mariner2mother.
    xo and namaste.

    1. Thank you, Reiki Doc. I'll read your blog right now, thanks for the link :)