Friday, March 9, 2012

country mouse v city blue jay

So they say there are more opportunities in the city: more culture, jobs, businesses.

Really. Cause I go to the country to get things done.

Car broke. $100 in the city, $20 in the country.

Gym. $10 in the country: walking track, pool, classes, and weights. In the city? I can't even find a gym. Yoga classes are $20/per. Ferget that.

Town office? Well here it's City Hall. It's in a scary neighborhood and there are 2 parking spots. On a hill. There, in the country: plenty of parking, no lines, and I went to high school with the clerk.

Post office. Parking is a wash. In the country, I know the postmasters. Here, no.

Friends. No one talks to me here in the city. No one says, "Nice haircut!" "New coat!" All my friends are back there in the woods, in the small town, in the place I lived for 30 years. Sometimes it feels like a razor blade to the heart; but there is love: hugs & healing too.

Job. Yeah, it's here in the city. Reiki? Here. I love my job and my Reiki.

Dog. She's here with me. Spent her whole life in the country, in the woods. She snuffled after deer, turkeys, cats, and raccoons; she wandered the forest and always came home. Now she is the queen of the back yard. My vet is in the country. Veterinarian. She's capable and caring. She communicates well. She's quick and cheap.

Health care. I love my Nurse Practitioner. Yeah, in the country. The secretary knows to book extra time because my NP & I gab the whole time. She's a medical intuitive. She's wonderful. Oh, and I know all the docs there too, because I worked with them. Here? In the city, I know no one.

Culture. Yeah, thought I'd be going to art openings, film festivals, and lectures. Hasn't turned out that way.  I work and sleep, walk the dog.

Health food stores, hippies, professors, philosophers, local organic, local honey and herbal products. Country, oh yeah. Here, not so much.

Crumbs v banquet? 

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