Saturday, January 14, 2012

Teresia Reiki Share

Went to a Reiki Share today, at Teresia in Norway, Maine. It was right on Main St, across from the hospital. Charlotte's Reiki place is in a big arts and crafts house full of integrative practitioners: acupuncturist, social workers, and Reiki. There's a stream out back: Pennesseewassee Stream. 

We shared Reiki in Charlotte's beautiful room. It was clean and fresh, with a wooden bench, crystals, and a Reiki table. An efficient heater let us forget the bitter cold outside. My hands pulsed and throbbed with the energy, and I felt energy swirling around the room. I got images of a cold grey choppy ocean. I felt hot and had to take off my wool scarf.

After Reiki we had lunch in the kitchen. It looked like an old farmhouse kitchen, with tall wooden cabinets and windows that looked out on the stream. Charlotte made lentil and Swiss chard soup and fresh whole wheat bread. The soup was hot and the bread still warm from the oven. I brought cabbage salad, with dried cranberries, walnuts, and sesame ginger dressing. Joan brought cupcakes. We drank tea. A good way to spend a few hours on a cold January Saturday.  

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