Thursday, January 12, 2012


The snow event of 1-11-12 and 1-12-12. First the anticipation. Will we have school? Will it really snow? Will I have to drive in it? Will I lose power?

Woke up in the night a couple of times to check. Not yet. Alarm went off. Still no snow and no school cancellation. Off to work, no prob, all ready for my 5 hour lecture.

It started to snow so the students went home early. I stayed to work. Watched the flakes out my window, watched the snowplows go by. Time to go, oh dear. I don't like to drive in it. I mean, if it's cold and dry then fine. But if it's slushy or icy, if it's slippery, then I'm white-knuckled all the way. It was slippery.

First, I let my car warm up. I brushed the snow off the windshield. While I was at it, I brushed off several windshields. Surprise, coworkers. Though it was so windy and still snowing, they might not notice. I took off. A truck ahead of me slid sideways through a busy intersection. That didn't look good. Maybe doing it on purpose, to show off? Having some fun? I proceeded slowly and cautiously. The truck continued to slide sideways, but I took a right. I kept an even speed, trying not to brake or accelerate abruptly. Made it home.

Someone had snowblowed my driveway. Thank you, neighbor!

All my pent up energy: anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and fear- I channeled into shoveling and scooping. I cleaned off my steps and deck, and by that time there was another layer of snow on the driveway. Vigorously scooped that off too.

Now safe and warm at home I can relax and watch the flakes. There goes the snowplow. Everything is white.

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