Saturday, January 21, 2012

coffee in Lewiston

Where are the funky coffee shops in Lewiston?

The ones we can walk to, stroll by, drop in, and wander out of. Hang out and read newspapers, books, and nooks. Eat pastries or slurp soup. The ones nestled among small shops with handmade items, local produce, and organic food. Where are those?

We can drive to Starbucks, drive through Dunkin Donuts, drive out to a strip mall, or drive through Tim Horton's. We have an incredible pastry shop, out on the highway by the car lots. It's right after all the car dealerships and just before the lake. The shop owner is a world-class pastry chef; the breads and pastries are unbelievably incredibly delicious. Yeah, right out there in car dealer land.

Our only discernible downtown is a street of Halal shops located in former banks and department stores. The district court is there too, so there are several lawyers offices. There are a couple of lunch places and some expensive dinner restaurants. But no funky breakfast place, no coffee shop. Coffee: that's what we need here. 

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