Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Norway Library

Memorial Library in Norway, Maine will be an energetic vortex on March 20, 2012. That's a Tuesday, 6 pm.

Energy workers, light beings, and angels will gather. Regular humans too, and humans are pretty amazing. What's up, you ask?

A reading/signing. Please join us.

Looks like a beautiful building. According to their website:
 "The Norway Library was established in 1885. For many years it was located above Longley's store, until the present building was completed in 1938. This building was a gift to the Town of Norway from Mrs. Maude Kaemmerling, a summer resident of Norway Lake, whose relatives were some of the early settlers of Norway."


  1. First day of spring. The event is already blessed. (Blessed with two syllables, that is. It makes a difference. Yes, it does. YES, it DOES!)
    Sorry you had to witness that.

  2. Just curious: Does Blogspot give you the option to disable captcha on comments?

  3. OH! Is captcha that horrible task of reproducing distorted nonwords? Do you have to do that every time you post here? So sorry if so. No idea you had to go through that. Will search and destroy, just for you, dear reader.

  4. Sorry, Blessed Reader. I can't figure out how to turn off gotcha. I mean captcha. Thank you for your persistence.

  5. My name is Jennifer and I am a Nurse Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner. I am currently reading your book, Reiki Nurse. I was diagnosed in June of this past year with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Reiki found me and my Reiki Master is the best.

    I am enjoying your book and plan on writing my own about my Journey with Reiki and Cancer. I have only a few pages but you are an inspiration to me. I currently work in Pittsfield, Maine and I am originally from Mount Desert Island, Maine (Tremont, Southwest Harbor).

    I am still receiving treatments. Radiation is long and grueling. I have 12 treatments left. Looking forward to the end. Lafayette Cancer Center is the best Medical Facility I have been a patient in.

    I use Reiki and Crystal Healing. Meditation and Relaxation are important when dealing with cancer. It is my life work now to teach women and men about breast cancer. This is why God has put me on this earth. To teach. I also downloaded your other book, but haven't started it yet.

    I will include my email address, I would like to converse and maybe do some learning with you. What is your cost of becoming a Reiki Master? I am curious. My Reiki Master lives out of state and will not be back in Maine until the late Spring.


    thank you for your intuitive channeling and blessings.
    Jennifer Bagley (Jen)

    1. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for writing. First: please accept my best wishes for your optimal health. Second: I'd be honored to work with you, towards attaining Level 3. Would you be able to come to Lewiston? Or should I come to you? Third: thank you for reading my book. Yes, please write your own story. I'll read it. peace, mk