Sunday, January 8, 2012

seize the moment

Cause a day is too much.

Just for now, right now, stop and feel.


  1. Also, whenever possible, seize the headboard.

  2. Wait, you told me you were laughing WITH me.

  3. Sorry for sullying your moment.
    The "moment at a time" concept is familiar to anyone trying to quit a vice, be it cigarettes, booze, huffing oven cleaner... The one-day-at-a-time concept is nice and all, but at times, it's more about surviving the moment. Never mind the awesome expanse of linear time that is an entire day.

  4. 10:43) with with, always with
    11:13) sullying? No sullying, no offense. Laughing is the best part of a moment. I love laughing Reiki, laughing dreams, even laughing meditation. So please continue to comment freely, spontaneously, and irreverently; dear reader.