Friday, January 6, 2012

teaching & learning

Student said to me recently: "Teachers are supposed to teach me."

"Oh, that's where we have a philosophical difference of opinion, a cognitive conflict, a conceptual collision," I replied. "You're an adult. You learn. I'm not the sage on the stage, I'm the guide on the side. You're responsible for your own learning. I assess, facilitate, and support your learning."

He sputtered and glared at me. "No. You're supposed to teach me what I need to know. That's your job."

"This is college. I don't open your brain and pour in information. I guide you to what you need to learn. I expect you to read your textbooks. I provide opportunities and expect you to take advantage. I expect you to jump in and learn, not sit back and wait. Don't just sit there, take initiative. It's up to you," I said.

He didn't care for this at all. I don't think he was really listening. He sputtered, strutted, and spouted. He opined and eventually ostracized. I lost interest. I tuned him out and turned back to my work. I really should be more patient.

As a health care consumer- you are responsible for your own health. As a student, you are responsible for your learning. As a human being, you're responsible for your life, growth, and happiness.