Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reiki stance, Reiki dance

Yesterday during our Reiki afternoon at the outpatient center, I watched the four other practitioners. I watched how they sat or stood, where they placed their hands, and how they moved.

One stood at the client's head. Her eyes were closed and sometimes her lips moved slightly, as though she was reciting something.

Another practitioner stood across from me. Her eyes were closed too. Sometimes her hips swayed side to side, in a Reiki dance, to music only she could hear.

I took a wide stance, to lower myself a bit. I tensed and relaxed my muscles and stretched my neck to my shoulders. When I thought of the symbols my face spontaneously lifted to the sky: Sun and stars.

The other two practitioners demonstrated slow, gentle, and deliberate movements.

When it was time to change hand positions, we made eye contact, smiled, and readjusted. I noticed that at beginning and end, several made Gassho motions.

That's it for the Reiki stance, Reiki dance. Someday I'll write about Reiki breath.