Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reiki: neXt gen

Amazing how something unexpected can renew your faith and hope.

I spent the evening with teens. Some were ill, some had lost a parent, and some had a parent with an illness. So what? All were teens. All were vibrant, beautiful, and curious.

They seemed restless, so we did some yoga. Tree. Not all could. Chair yoga is fine, or modified.

Turned out the lights. We meditated. They sprawled on the floor and conked out. I told them it was Ok to giggle. So they didn't. They found comfortable positions and didn't move.

Then self-Reiki. Mitten hands, not glove. One stayed in her curled up meditation position. One opted out; pulled out phone and texted. That's OK. Everyone else placed hands over eyes, ears, jaw, throat, chest, belly, and legs.

Last. Shared Reiki. First they paired up, hands on backs. Then they spontaneously made lines of 3 or 4 and did group Reiki. I went around and added to the energy. Amazing, the heat they were putting out.

It was quiet and peaceful. The ventilation system kicked in and they gasped. That's how quiet it was.

Thank you, teen group. 

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