Thursday, December 29, 2011

it's what's for dinner

Really, isn't food the most boring topic? Don't you hate to hear people list off what they will and won't eat? I do.

Pics on the other hand. I like pics of food. I like see what you're having for dinner.

That said, be prepared to be bored, or simply click away right now. Because I feel compelled to explain. Why? Partly the looks I get, the reaction to my meals and my cooking, and partly because it does seem to be a topic that interests people. Here goes.

I like nuts, seeds, berries, roots, fruits, tofu, tempeh, and all kinds of beans. Breakfast is oatmeal, eggs, blueberries, or yoghurt with walnuts and maple syrup. Lunch and dinner is beans and brassicas. I like dark chocolate, black coffee, green tea, and red wine. I try to eat local, organic, and raw. Perfectly normal, right?

So why do my coworkers stare at my lunch, grimace, and say, "What's that?" And why isn't there a word for that thing they do: they make a face like they're about to hurl.

What's that?   "Cabbage," I respond.

"Raw cabbage?" in disbelief.

"Yes," I respond slowly and clearly. "Like coleslaw."

"But where's the mayonnaise?" in continued disbelief and nausea.

"No mayonnaise. Cabbage with raspberry vinegar, chia and sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, walnuts, and avocado."

"Chia seeds?"

You see how it goes? So many explanations. It's easier to eat at my desk and answer emails than to face the questions and disgust in the lunch room. And frankly, their lunches disgust me too. Bony pieces of meat, processed microwaved mush, leftovers microwaved in plastic, or stinky greasy fast food.

There, either you read all the way through or clicked off ages ago in boredom, disgust, or nausea. Yeah, should have simply posted a pic of what's for dinner. Care for a falafel ball?