Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reiki and ego

Are you the High Priestess of Reiki? Do you do things no one else can do, tell clients secrets no one else knows? Maybe you have special powers.

Or maybe you have professional boundary issues.


Do you hang out with your clients? Develop social relationships with them? Maybe you're popular. Or maybe you have boundary issues.

Are you there to listen, support, and facilitate health? Or are you there because you need to be needed: your clients make you feel powerful and special. Who does most of the talking during the Reiki session: you or your client? Do you interrupt your client to share your visions and messages, or do you listen to the client describe images and impressions?

A professional boundary: that's the line between a helping relationship and a co-dependent one.

Is your practice about your ego or your client's health? Please be careful. Examine your practice. Make 2012 a time to improve your therapeutic skills. Go back to school. Study therapeutic communication techniques and professional ethics.

Use silence. Listen, and reflect back what you hear from your clients. Support their interpretations of their own visions: their individual journeys.

Reiki practice stimulates spiritual growth in the energy of love and light. Ethical and competent Reiki practice between a practitioner and a client should be a therapeutic relationship, where the practitioner helps the client achieve optimal health. It's about helping a person realize his or her own powerful potential.

Let's lighten up in 2012.


  1. I'll admit that this post wasn't about what I expected. Can I go ahead and comment about my assumed idea? Specifically, meditation and ego. I read recently that when you engage in mindful meditation and find your head full of thoughts floating like space rocks, it's the work of the ego trying to interfere. Ego doesn't want you to access a part of the mind where he is not in control of all things, and so he clutters your head with all those fragmented ideas and lines of thought. The best technique for me to keep ego at bay is to go into meditation with the idea that I'm completely uninterested in any thoughts that want to come. Why would I care about them? I live with those thoughts all the day long. During meditation, those 20 minutes where I try to keep my mind completely clear, all those banal, workaday thoughts are irrelevant and meaningless to me.

  2. Why is my avatar an exclamation point?

  3. First: your avatar is an exclamation point because your comments are exceptionally erudite and exciting.
    Second: your comments on meditation and the ego are provocative, thoughtful, and seem accurate to me. And yes, if one does as you suggest, and engages in uninterest then the Reiki should flow appropriately. That's why I go into a meditative state when I share Reiki energy; and I advocate that for others. If the Reiki practitioner focuses on his/her own visions or advice, then the ego is taking over. Instead, the practitioner should support the client finding and following his/her own path. Whew. This is a whole other post. Thank you, kind reader, for stimulating this discussion.