Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lego my ego

An insightful reader stimulated discussion and prompted me to clarify and expand upon my previous post. The enlightened reader suggested that when he meditates, he is disinterested in his usual thoughts. He indicated that thoughts are the ego, intruding and distracting. Yes, I believe this is so. 

If one does as he suggests, and engages in uninterest then the Reiki should flow appropriately. That's why I go into a meditative state when I share Reiki energy; and I advocate that for others. I might see images or visions, and I let them flow. I might try to remember them so I can examine and write about them. I like to look for patterns. But this is my own amusement. 

If the Reiki practitioner focuses on his/her own visions, thoughts, or advice, for the purpose of instructing the client, then the ego is taking over. Instead, the practitioner should support the client finding and following his/her own path. Listen to and support the client. 

During a session: just do Reiki. Uninvite your ego. Relax, focus on the symbols, and place your hands. Check to be sure your client is comfortable. Share Reiki. Assess your client's comfort again; check your hand placement. Observe subtle changes in your own patterns. Listen, breathe, assess, repeat. Reiki! 

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