Tuesday, December 27, 2011

hopes for 2012

Despite horrific stories in the news, weather anomalies, and economic difficulties...
despite blinding sunlight changing to flat cold white light today,
despite misunderstandings, unmoorings, excessive solitude, and monotony...

I have hopes for 2012.

I hope to love, learn, laugh, and serve. I hope for long stretches of contentment and moments of joy. I hope for peace, health, prosperity, and enlightenment for all living beings.

I think that following the Reiki principles is a good way to get there. So here they are, as rewritten by a group of my Reiki students.

Just for today, forgive.
Just for today, have faith.
Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.
Earn your living honestly, in a way that benefits others.
Respect and be grateful for all living beings, and all things have life: people, animals, plants, rocks, and planets. Everything.