Saturday, May 4, 2013

weeds, dirt, and compost

It was one of those perfect days: sun, 60 degrees, and breezy.

I jumped out of bed, eager for coffee on the deck. Had it out there with a good book. Am working through Deborah Crombie murder mystery series: Kincaid & James. My sister's recommendation: a good one.

I got down on the damp grass with my special dandelion tool and plastic sled and pulled dandelions from the lawn. I filled the sled. The dandelions hide this time of year, their jagged leaves blend with the grass. Only if I brush the grass aside to find the red stems and buttons of unopened flowers do I find them. I should eat these, I kept thinking. In salads or steamed. Dandelion greens are full of vitamins and minerals: a spring tonic.

I read more. I watched wasps, to see where they're building their nests this year. The breeze rattled the morning glory vines, blowing seeds in to the summer house. I picked up the hard black seeds and dropped them on fresh dirt. I read more.

Should I bring out my phone? Or will the EMF be harmful? What if someone calls? Who will call?

I turn over the compost pile, layering with dirt and dandelions.

I spend the day in the garden: weeding and reading. I check the phone. Karen. OH, we have dinner plans. I call, we confirm, I rush to pick up my gardening tools, jump in to the shower and clean clothes. We meet at the Japanese restaurant. Local beer on tap, wasabi scallops and vegie pad thai. I end the day on the deck, reading that good book. It's sunny and breezy. 

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