Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Spoke about Reiki this evening: history, ethics, principles, and practice. Many interesting students.

No one asked to be attuned, so there were no attunements.

I invited them all to try a Reiki session, and to come back for more instruction. It seems they might; that's good.

It was another 12 hour work day. I came home, changed into garden shoes, and wandered in the beautiful silence. Echoes of quiet. Slowly I became aware of birdsong, green, and damp. I could see my breath. The ground squished in low places. The beans are up.

I sat in the summerhouse and had a nice conversation with myself.

Now laundry, dishes, emails, a little work, and to bed. Up early again, for another day of teaching; then a party. Oh, what to wear. Do I have any small talk.

Plenty of conversation in the garden; plenty of Reiki talk. 

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