Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Trying to recycle, like a good citizen of Earth.

Bought this house a few years ago. Noticed blue plastic recycling tubs on neighbors' curbs weekly. I don't have a blue plastic recycling tub. So I bought a plastic recycling tub: filled it, placed it on curb weekly.

The garbage guys empty and toss recycling tubs. After a few weeks of this my recycling tub was chipped. Then cracked. Then gone. The garbage guys tossed it.

OK. I started bringing home cardboard boxes from work. I filled the cardboard boxes with cardboard, paper, and clean glass jars. I recycled. yay, me.

This morning I placed my full cardboard box at the curb. All the neighbors had the blue plastic tubs, of course. Came home from work. All blue plastic tubs are empty, my cardboard  box is full and still at my curb. What's up, garbage guys?