Sunday, May 5, 2013


Couldn't seem to get myself out of the garden this weekend. Temps in 60s, breezes, and total sunshine.

Kept thinking, "I should, I should, I should: work on scholarly article, buy shoes for work, buy lovely bark mulch (nice dry pine @ $2.69/3cu ft), go grocery shopping, go to psychic fair, visit friends and family, something?..."

Instead I pulled dandelions with my lovely dandelion digger tool. Of course felt guilty for tossing them on compost heap instead of steaming and munching. Weeded, read, weeded, read, reflected.

Am working on Crombie's Kincaid & James series. So good.

Too cool to plant, Maine's spring weather is too unpredictable. So I weeded, raked dirt, planted a few spinach seeds, and turned the compost heap. I read. I soaked up Vitamin D.