Sunday, September 7, 2014


It was a lucky day.

I drove south, to a psychic fair. Traffic, couldn't turn in where I wanted to, so proceeded to stoplight. Made the left turn, oh, a gas station, lucky. I needed gas. Got gas, noticed a screw in the left rear tire. "That can't be good," I thought.

Oh, a tire place right there beside the gas station. Lucky. Tire guy took a look. "Can't repair that. Old tire, no longer in stock, all-wheel drive... if we have to replace this tire then we have to replace all four." That sounded expensive. Four tires, $1000? "But wait, maybe it didn't go all the way through. Maybe we can just pull it out. We'll look. I'll call you."

I walked to the psychic fair. Had a reading, was told I need to play. Purchased some stones. Shared and received Reiki. Got a call, "Your car is ready. It didn't go through." Short screw. Honest tire guys. Lucky.