Sunday, September 21, 2014

je suis allé à la foire

Went to the fair. The Maine organic farmers and gardeners association's common ground fair.

Got there early, before it opened, and didn't mind standing in line. It was misty, it showered, it poured, it drizzled, the sun came out. We shucked our layers. I took off rain coat, fleece vest, and second shirt. The wool socks and flowered rubber boots felt good in the morning but not in the nearly 80 degree afternoon sun. Left as it closed down, almost 9 hours of fair. Could have stayed longer.

I hung out with horses and sheep. I ate a tofu and veg breakfast wrap, Indian vegies and rice, strawberry shortcake, a crab roll, maple candy, and cheesecake. I fondled fresh wool and alpaca fleeces. Watched: a woman shear a German angora rabbit, the sheepdog exhibition, and the draft horse contests. I saw gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud and would have spoken to him but for the pouring rain in which we passed one another. He didn't have a raincoat.

My friends arrived. The sun came out. We wandered and chatted, in search of drop spindles. We searched for 3 hours. Found them and purchased one.

I bought just one fleece: black, with a long staple and lots of lanolin. I bought soap, lotion, healing salve, and an anti-inflammatory tincture.

I never made it to the Reiki tent. Went last year and shared Reiki.