Saturday, September 20, 2014

Common Ground Fair

Spoke with a native Mainer today who'd never heard of this fair.

Thousands of people go, people from all over New England. I've been going for years and years, how many? Lots. I used to have a booth and sold there. Sold my herbal skincare products. Rosebud Botanicals, skincare products for the entire family.

My friend Vicki and I made and sold lip balm, lotion, bath salts, solid perfume, facial scrub, and toner. All natural ingredients. For the entire family.

My favorite time was first thing in the morning. I loved to hear the moos, neighs, baas, and clucks. I loved to feel the cool mist evaporate into heat. Loved to talk with people about our products.

That was long ago.

I still like to go. I wander the grounds, admiring the vegetables and gardens. Buy soap. Eat Indian food. Marvel at llamas, sink fingers into wool, sprawl on the ground with a new book.

MOFGA's CGF. Check it out.

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