Monday, September 29, 2014

state of the garden

Worked and volunteered about 70 hours last week, neglected the garden.

Went to the coffee shop this morning for good coffee and a leisurely sit with the newspaper. Read about what I did over the weekend: our big annual fundraiser. I spent 30 hours in a Reiki and massage tent on an island park. The river, fall foliage, beautiful old brick mills, and tons of enthusiastic people.

Went grocery shopping, did laundry & dishes, graded student essays, answered emails. Steamed garden potatoes and carrots for breakfast, melted cheese & fried egg on top.

The garden. Just came in from inspecting, tending, and being tended. Picked a mess of pole beans. A little frost there wouldn't be unwelcome. Eggplant, tomatoes, and carrots still growing. Basil and cilantro have gone by. The raspberries are flowering again, and full of bumblebees. Doubt we have enough days for them to mature, still, nice.

The pussy-willow tree is shot through with purple morning glories. Quite a sight.

The artichoke thrives.

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