Monday, September 22, 2014

bad egg

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. What about one bad egg? And what about the whole good-bad polarity?

Many people these days ascribe to a unified theory: there is no good or bad. All just is. All is one. We dabble in the so-called "bad" to better see our path to "good." It's all part of the human experience, steps on our paths to enlightenment, to one-ness.

This morning I made a big pot of chai tea and fried up some leftover roasted eggplant, carrots, and tofu. Breakfast smelled good and I was hungry; hadn't eaten since lunch at the fair yesterday. My stomach rumbled as I sipped the hot tea.

I got out a box of eggs, purchased at the farmer's market: free range happy chickens. No cages. Fresh. I cracked two eggs and dropped them onto the hot eggplant fry-up.

I smelled a bad smell. Surely I was imagining things. Sniffed the air. Where? I sniffed the pan: bad smell. Can eggs be bad? I dug in the compost for the shells. One was stained black, stuck with sticky yellow, and smelled foul. I just wrote "foul."

Tossed entire breakfast into the compost. Started over: now for something completely different. Had a raspberry and honey smoothie. Frozen raspberries from the garden, yogurt, spring water, honey from Maine Honeybee. Blended together. Fresh crisp one-ness. 

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