Wednesday, September 3, 2014

honey bees

Now those bees.

It seems as though there is a bee hive in the wall of my house. There's been a lot of activity in a spot by the door, where the foundation meets the siding. Bees.

I've been talking to beekeepers. I think they're honeybees. Honey in the walls is not good, as you can imagine. So I've been asking the bees to move out, move along, find another home. They can't stay in the walls.  I asked 5 beekeepers to come and collect them. Posted messages on web pages. Emailed. No go. No beekeeper is willing to come and rescue them. So I tell the honeybees to go.

I spoke with my carpenter. He's never done this type of job, but is willing to give it a try. The honey and the bees have to come out of the wall. The carpenter will have to wiggle into a closet and cut through sheetrock.

He's a Reiki carpenter. With a Reiki Nurse wife. We have respect for all living things.

I hope the bees will move out soon. They need a better home.