Saturday, July 27, 2013


A tent appeared on my neighbor's front lawn this week.

Wedding? Big party? Drunks parking on my lawn and crashing into my house? Traffic jam in the neighborhood?

What day? When? Oh dear. Should I offer my couch as a place to crash? Can I escape?

So it was today. As usual, all my fears and anxieties were for nothing.

People came in SUVs this morning, delivering 6 foot tables and folding chairs. There were about 10 tables. Then tablecloths, trash cans, jugs of beverages.

I thought I would bring over a vase or two of flowers. I have lots of flowers in my backyard. But I was engrossed in my work. I worked all day yesterday and most of today on my fall Reiki course. The syllabus and web page- it's a hybrid course, mostly online, 3 six hour face2face meeetings. Reading assignments, objectives, papers, rubrics.... I'm rambling. Sorry.

When I looked up the guests had already started to arrive. Oops. Can't really bring flowers now: party crasher. "Hello, here are some flowers, Oh! what are you eating there?"   Right?

It was mostly elderly women, chatting animatedly in French. "Oui, oui!" I heard.

Anyway, I had to go and pick up my son & his girlfriend.

Big tent. No big deal.