Saturday, July 27, 2013

step back


Sharing Reiki with another person.

I'm at this stripped down stage. I don't prepare, I don't make arm or hand gestures first. I don't play sound bowls (love them!), burn sage (love that too), dance, shake rattles, or dangle crystal pendulums (wonderful beautiful tools).

Just plain. I just place my hands: share Reiki. Do that as long as I can, as long as feels right. Hands off, I'm done.

Like Pamela Miles said last week, "Hands on, I'm doing Reiki. Hands off, no Reiki." Or something very similar to that. "Hands on: Reiki. Hands off: no Reiki."

Yeah, that's how I am. No drama. Just Reiki.

Oh, and I don't try. I don't force it. I relax, eyes open. My mind drifts.

Another thing she said, "This is not your personal meditation session." This is for the client. Be there for your client. Check, does he/she look comfortable?

That's where I am with Reiki right now.

Heard Pamela Miles speak last week at the Portland (Maine) Public Library. She speaks well about Reiki. I like what she has to say about Reiki.