Friday, July 12, 2013

summer in Maine

It was an error in judgment. I didn't mean to do it. Really.

But I did. I agreed to teach 3 summer classes (I love to teach!) and this means no time off. OK, I have a few weekends. Most weekends off. But the classes overlapped spring and fall semesters. So I'm teaching all summer. Thank goodness I love to teach. Really love it. Love the students: watching them learn and grow in confidence and abilities.

But summer! Again, thank goodness, it's been exceptionally rainy. Might as well be inside.

 But today? Today. Today was sunny, warm, and dry. Perfect summer day in Maine.

What did I do? I know you want to know. Hey, you made it this far: you want to know.

OK, alarm went off at 5:30, but I was having a compelling dream and hit Postpone x 6. At work by 7 for important meeting. Meeting went well: I love my boss, she does meetings so well. Lots of catching up to do, lots of work. Had lunch with a friend. Left after lunch, had my hair cut, bought sandals and work clothes, came home. Oh. It's hot and sunny. Went to the beach. Was mostly deserted. Read a good book and swam. Came home and worked in the garden.

Another big bag of green beans, which are thriving. But mosquitoes lurk in there, take care. Never had mosquitoes here before: rainy summer. Peas peaked and are going by. Picked them too, got about 1/3 cup. Wasted space? Picked kale.

Steamed green beans and kale. Delish with vinegar, oil, & tamari.

Now relaxing on deck. Listening to neighbors playing horseshoes: young guys. They talk about the score.  There are sound effects and applause.

Long day. Good day. Hope yours was too.

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