Tuesday, July 30, 2013

attractive brown bucket

Was pulling weeds. A bumblebee buzzed and approached. Usually they buzz and wander off. This one wanted to land on my right shoulder. Rabid bee? Attracted to my Reiki energy? I shrieked and ran off, shaking like a person with Tourette's.

Cautiously resumed. Same thing. Eeek! Times 2.

Grabbed my brown bucket and moved to another part of the garden. Again! Ok. Is  it the lovely brown bucket? Does it look like a prospective abode? Or is it my alluring scent and physique? What is it about my right shoulder? So sorry, am not ready to host a new bee friend on my person. Am not that evolved. Maybe next year. Love you, but don't get in my bubble.

The brown bucket sits, abandoned, full of weeds. And me, bee-free.

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