Wednesday, July 3, 2013

birds like blueberries

Three of the blueberry plants were cheap. Splurged on one, $28, with flowers and tiny berries.

The cheap plants are coming along. Perhaps berries in 2016. I like to plan ahead.

The expensive one has berries. I've been watching the berries, and giving them Reiki. Giving Reiki to all the plants. Really looking forward to the berries this season. Some of them were slightly purple. Large and ripening.

Today I noticed that those big purple berries were gone. Birds. I have lots of birds in the backyard, and enjoy their presence. Sparrow, red-headed sparrows (what are they, again, Tony?), doves, and cardinals. Love the cardinals. What a change, what a treat, what an indication of global warming. Oh dear.

Anyway. The berries. The birds. The birds got the purpling berries. Perhaps I needed to cover them. 

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