Friday, April 22, 2016

trim and a wax

Went to a new place for a haircut.

Left the old place because my fav cutter, Bri, left, and of course they wouldn't tell me where. I tried a different one there but my hair kept getting stuck in her scissors, and tugged, and that hurt. Plus they were kind of snooty. Except for Bri, but she's gone.

So the new place. Four cutters were hanging out when I walked in. Cheerful giggling young ladies. I asked for a trim. "You want a wax too?"

I thought about washing my car in the winter. I go to a cement building and pay $2. I spray my car with soapy water, cleaning off the salt and sand. Then rinse. Sometimes I spray it with hot wax at the end. I imagined the cutter cutting and then spraying my hair into a wax helmet. That would be weird.

OH. Eyebrows, mustaches, and possibly other places. I realized. "Just a trim," I said. 

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