Thursday, April 21, 2016

a sense of smell

Was in the middle of a hypersensitivity reaction to spring pollen. You know, "allergies." 

Was blowing my nose and washing my hands a lot. Went through a lot of kleenex and soap. Opened a new bottle of hand soap. Coconut, mmmm. I took a sniff. Hey! Unscented! What's up with that? Ok, maybe I could add a few drops of essential oil or cologne. I found an old small bottle of cologne and opened it. Huh. So old the scent was all gone. I dumped it down the drain. Tried another, same thing. Huh. Another. 

Wait a minute. Sniffed the toothpaste: nothing. Some highly scented lotion. Perfume, eucalyptus oil, new rose-scented foundation, the toothpaste again. Nothing nothing nothing. I couldn't smell. No smell, no taste. I couldn't taste. What is the point of eating if one can't taste? Part of me was gone, maybe forever. Part of life. Gone. 

Not that I always and immediately go for the worst possible outcome. 

Well, it would be ok at work. When I take students to the nursing home and hospital, it would be ok to not smell the smells. Bright side. 

This morning I could smell a little. Now, yes. A miracle, a blessing of life! Smell. I can smell again. 

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