Thursday, April 28, 2016


I have so many thoughts and opinions on this light/dark duality/polarity issue.

I believe my soul is perfect, it’s my human actions and will that grow and evolve. My soul is perfect, my soul is light- a spark of Divine light. As I evolve, I become more enlightened, more light. My light merges with the lights of other souls, and together we are the light called God. Light is oneness. Light is our path.

I believe that splitting light & dark is part of the old paradigm: the belief in duality: love/hate, peace/war, you/me, us/them. I believe that we are growing into unity, where we are all one, all connected. I am light/dark. I am me and I am you. We are all light beings, light, we are Light.

From nursing I believe that we, as humans, develop patterns of being. We continually grow and evolve to improve these patterns, to improve our insight and our health, to spiral up into a higher vibration.

My experience on the Other Side was one of pure love, bliss, laughter, & acceptance. Strong pure color. Love, just love.

My reaction to a person’s anger or fear is love. Love Bomb.
When I first had my spiritual awakening it was scary and I prayed to the Light a lot. I had this mantra when I got scared, “I am of the Light. I walk in the Light. If you are not of the Light, then begone!” I haven’t needed that mantra in years. I think I internalized it, and shortened it to simply this: “I am Light. I love you.”  I feel other spirits sometimes and it isn’t scary.