Saturday, April 9, 2016


I went to a wellness fair today to talk to people about Reiki and the services we provide at our local outpatient cancer center.

One person wanted to talk about celebrities. Another asked if I would rub his feet. A woman got a paper cut from one of our pamphlets. She told me to warn people that they were sharp, before wandering off to find a bandage for her bloody finger.

Mostly I talked about Reiki and our services. I also had two energy treatments, new things I'd never heard of. My hypersensitive spring sinuses felt better. I walked a labyrinth while a woman chanted and played bowls. The room was full of art. I chatted with a friend. It was fun.

I left and explored. Drove and walked. It was cold and sunny. Took me four hours to get home, a 30-minute drive. I saw beautiful old houses, the ocean, old boats, weather vanes, New England churches, parks, waterfalls, flowers, barns, and sheep. 

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