Wednesday, December 30, 2015

is it OK to send distance Reiki when I have a cold?

not a trick question. Not a joke. Always wondered. I hesitate to send Reiki if I'm sick or feel off-center; I like to be my best self when I share Reiki with others. That's one reason Reiki inspires me to be as healthy as I can be. I want to be my healthiest best self because I believe I'm part of this process of sharing Reiki. I believe that as a nurse, and a Reiki practitioner, I interact energetically with my clients.

I don't see myself as merely a pipe or a vessel.
I'm alive.
My attention alters the energy.
I interact with the energy and with my clients.

Do you agree?

Or do you believe that sharing Reiki is a passive process? Sure, I step back, take my ego out. Get into the flow. Relax and just be. Detach from the outcome. Check, got it, been there, done that. But then. Then I disappear? If my energy has nothing to do with Reiki, then why can't a student get attuned from a book or online? Isn't Reiki alchemy? The magic of connection and love, also known as universal life force energy; isn't my energy a small part of the magic? Or perhaps you believe that the practitioner is completely insignificant.

Researchers know that observation alters the outcome. Just being there changes the situation. Attention affects results: the Hawthorne effect, the observer effect. Can we generalize this to Reiki?

When I get a psychic reading, I know that the information is filtered through the medium's life experiences and education. The medium interprets visions through the context of her life. She uses her own language to express what she sees and knows. The information comes through, but is altered by the medium, the channel.

When I'm on the table at a Share, I can discern differences in energy of the various practitioners. I can feel energy. Your energy feels different from hers, from hers, from his. Yet everyone is sharing Reiki. So if it's passive, if we're pipes, individually insignificant, and we're all sharing Reiki, why does one person's energy feel different from another's?

Anyway. When I send, I like to send from my best self. That's why I eat nutritious food, sleep well, and exercise. That's why I meditate, do self-Reiki, and practice yoga. That's why I work on my social relationships. I want to be healthy. I want to send from my peaceful centered self. Same with sharing, or hands-on. I want to be my best healthiest self, a clear channel for Reiki. A therapeutic presence for another person.

Reiki does no harm. So I'm sure it will not harm anyone if I send when I have a cold. I don't imagine that I'm sending germs, or giving someone an etheric virus.

So this is the part that confuses me. I hesitate to send when I'm ill. Why? Not sure. Trying to figure it out. Why the hesitation? I wonder if I should send if it's not my best. I worry that I'll somehow knock an ion off it's axis or something weirdly quantum like that, even though just for today I will not worry. And a little Reiki is better than no Reiki. Still, that one wonky ion. I worry that if it's not my best then it's not good enough. I imagine that if I'm sick I'll warp the energy.

I worry too much, obviously. And ask too many questions.

I did a quick poll among other practitioners and no one else seems to feel the way I do. Outlier.

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