Wednesday, December 23, 2015

August from My Desk

My favorite poem.

August from My Desk – Roland Flint 

It is hot today, dry enough for cutting grain, 
and I am drifting back to North Dakota 
where butterflies are all gone brown with wheat dust. 

And where some boy, 
red-faced, sweating, chafed, 
too young to be dying this way 
steers a laborious, self-propelled combine, 
and dreams of cities, and blizzards— 
and airplanes. 

With the white silk scarf of his sleeve 
he shines and shines his goggles, 
he checks his meters, checks his flaps, 
screams contact at his dreamless father, 
and, engines roaring, 
he pulls back the stick 

and hurtles into the sun. 

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