Saturday, December 5, 2015


I went happily to a work holiday party. I had my gift and my grapes: a modest gift to swap and grapes for the potluck. I had a special beautiful hand-made plate.

Grapes are easy: just wash and arrange. It's what I bring when I can't find the time for something more elaborate. Thanksgiving I made three pumpkin cheesecakes and one pumpkin pie in a chocolate crust. Took me days to make them. I roasted a sugar pumpkin and a buttercup squash. Cooled, pureed, mixed, baked, cooled.

I didn't have days. I usually work 50+ hours/week. I brought grapes. Unfortunately not organic.

Arrived. The door was locked. Huh? I waited, called, no answer. Finally someone came to open the door. She seemed harried.

Arrived at the lobby. People rushed by and glanced, making quick shallow smiles. People seemed busy.

I wandered to the kitchen to wash and arrange the grapes. Set down my bags and coat. There were many people in the kitchen: stirring, setting out food and plates. No one spoke to me. I went to the sink to wash the grapes and heard someone say, "Well I would if she'd get out of the way." I looked back and two people were staring at me. People seemed annoyed.

I set the plate of grapes with the rest of the food, gathered my bags and coat and prepared to leave. As I started for the door my friend D walked in. I don't know what my face looked like, but she asked, "What's the matter?'

"I'm leaving."

"Why? Oh wait, I know, I feel it too. C'mon, let's go do some Reiki."

Reiki time. Afterwards I felt washed and aired out in the sunshine.

"You're an empath," she told me. All those people were stressed and you felt it. That's all. It's hard to be in crowds, and even harder when you feel their stress."

Empath? Oh. I thought I was an anemone.

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