Saturday, December 12, 2015

eggy friends

It was her idea, so of course he went along with it. He loves her. 16 of them.

The chicks, multicolored balls of down, had their own room and a light bulb for heat. No dogs allowed. I feel like I was there, I remember seeing them, but when would that have been? Perhaps it was photos and descriptions.

They grew up. He named them all, calls them his girls, his ladies. Built a coop and moved them outside. Tends them. They come running when they see him, greet him when he gets home from work. Sometimes one extremely strong adventurous lady flies out, but can't get herself back in. She runs to him and he lifts and drops her back home.

The first eggs were gelatinous. The next ones had shells, but were tiny. Now the ladies lay big fine eggs. Mostly brown shells, some green.

Sometimes I buy them lunch: my excellent friends, not the ladies. I buy lunch and my friends bring me extra eggs and we don't keep track of who owes who but I'm pretty sure I'm luckiest.

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