Saturday, January 3, 2015


So a month has gone by since my last post. Over a month. Been busy.

It was a healthy self-care holiday. I spent lots of time with family and friends. I did yoga, drank fruit smoothies, and walked. I spun a moorit fleece into 15 fat balls of yarn and read several books. Cooked and cleaned. Felt happy.

The best moments are when time stops and you notice that life is good. I get those a lot when crawling on the floor with my grandson. Had one today in the grocery store with a friend; she was so delighted with the selections and displays, so happy to be out and about after several days in the hospital. Another one today: I was playing with puppies, sharing Reiki with them. Three of them curled up and fell asleep at my feet, my hands wrapped around their tiny bodies. Another one today: back home with a pot of hot lemon tea, lit candles, a good book, and a snowstorm on the way.

Please notice those moments in your life.