Wednesday, January 21, 2015

health insurance

To those lamenting having to pay for health insurance. A response. 

Healthcare providers offer emergency, acute, and long-term care 24 hours/day to all, regardless of person's ability to pay. Health care is incredibly expensive. Insurance spreads the cost risk and helps a hospital stay in business. The hospital couldn't stay open if it depended on what a patient or patient's family wished to pay. 

The hospital is a business; workers must be paid. Nurses need paychecks for groceries, heat, childcare costs. How could the hospital stay in business if no one had insurance? If people paid what they could? What if the patient died, then who would pay? 

Our current system is not perfect, but it's better than it was. 

 I wish we had national health care. Someday a president with great vision and ability will get this done.

Citizens pay taxes to support community services like fire, police, schools, and road maintenance. You might never need to call a firefighter, but aren't you glad to know that someone would respond if you did? Aren't you glad your neighbors are also protected? Health insurance is the same thing. You pay, you might not need health care, but if you did it would be there. Your neighbors are covered too. Isn't that great? 

A last point. Here in Maine, to purchase and drive a car you must prove that you have purchased car insurance. Why? Because back in the day so many didn't. Then they'd get into an accident and were unable to pay for damages. Insurance spreads the risk, helps those who need it. Now I won't get into insurance companies' profits and CEO pay: a topic for another day.   

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