Saturday, August 17, 2013


Wasn't sure how long it would take to get there. Sometimes there's traffic.

I woke early, with the sun. Should I go to the balloon festival? Watch them rise? Or to the beach

I went to the beach. Got there 45 minutes before the gate opened. Relaxed.

Arrived. Walked for an hour: north, then south. Saw 3 thin long silvery pink fish leap from the water. Saw a glistening black fin bob above the water. It swam along the beach for nearly I mile. I watched and walked along. I asked the lifeguards, "What's that?"

Two young guys, chilling. OH! They stopped chatting, feet down, and looked. "Probably a seal."


"Or a porpoise."

"Yeah. Did you bring your binocs?"


"Yeah. Probably a porpoise."

Ok. But I see a black fin. Do porpoises have black fins? I came home and looked online. Yes, they do.

So I waded in as far as I could. I waded with a porpoise! Or a shark.

The water was numbingly cold. That's good. Not just cold, but numbingly. So once I went in, I couldn't feel my body, so was able to keep going.

The waves slapped. Sprung up in surprise. Smacked and shocked. Felt arctic. I gasped and sucked in air when the water touched a new place on my body.

I could see the churned up sand at the base of the wave. The water was so clear.

If you just stand, then your feet get sucked down and buried in the waves.

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