Sunday, June 2, 2013

yin yang

I'm scared to travel. I'm scared I might have cancer. I'm scared of rabid skunks lurking under my car getting ready to lunge out and gnaw on my ankle. I'm scared that my ceiling fan will fall down and decapitate me. Life is hard sometimes.

So I had a great day. It was Cancer Survivor Day. I share Reiki at our local cancer outpatient center. I taught three mini Reiki classes, and shared Reiki with dear practitioners. There were many hugs. They are dear to me.

My boss showed up, surprise guest. All the way from Malibu. He is interested in Reiki and our Reiki research. He urged me to work with the children and family therapist- to share Reiki with children and families. He urged me to continue our Reiki research.

I needed that. He is intelligent and engaged. He cares about this community. He is one amazing guy.

Afterwards I went swimming in a local pond. I went under. The sun was hot, it was windy. I swam through warm surface water and encountered cold deep springs. I swam in Poland Spring water.

I started a good book. Susanna Moore. Strange and good.

So, despite my neurotic fears, despite having to travel this week, despite probably missing the blooming of the peonies; it was a good day. 

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