Saturday, June 29, 2013

test drive

Well, used. New to me.

Like I said, I studied up online. But I was still nervous. I told everyone I saw that I might buy a car. I got lots of advice, which was great.

I'm teaching a class this summer. One of my students said, "I sold cars for 7 years. This is what you want to do..." Awesome! She gave me tons of detailed advice, and talked me through it every step of the way. I even called her from the dealership a couple of times. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I put hay between my garden rows, so need to haul hay. I need air conditioning and a radio. Just about any color but red. No maroon, I detest that color.

I drove around car lots and took notes on make/model/mileage/ and price. I checked out the vibe of each car place. I talked briefly with salesmen. I looked at trucks and vans, but decided on a small SUV. After hours of car lot and online research I found the make & model I wanted.

Now, which car place?

Remember Jim, the dishwasher? He owns a big car lot and I went there. The salesman, Paul, was nice. I liked and trusted him right away. They had the make/model I wanted. It had 49,400 miles on it, and was a reasonable price.

I took the car to my dear mechanic. He checked it out: took it for a test drive, put it up on the rack, and looked under the hood. On the test drive he told me about his bladder infection and medical treatment for same.

The mechanic wouldn't take any money! "I do this for all my customers," he said. 

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