Friday, June 28, 2013


Weather forecast: light rain with periods of heavy rain. 

That's been our weather all week, and for the days ahead. Rain.

Mushrooms and slugs. 

The slugs in my garden love beer traps. Yum. Where are the chips and cigarettes?

They love eggshells. Great place to gather.

Coffee, not so much. No thanks on the coffee. So coffee deters slugs, but with all this rain, I have to reapply every few days. I buy bags of cheap coffee at the discount store.  Sometimes I sprinkle the grounds around the stems. Other times I boil up a big batch and spray it on the leaves. Noticeable decrease in slug parties and slug damage. 

Salt is another deterrent, but it can harm plants. And salt kills slugs, rather than discouraging them. 

Coffee. They don't like coffee.

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