Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Edgar Cayce healing

There were four healers, all elders. A tall man, a short woman with a red sweater around her shoulders, a tall tidy woman who bobbed as she healed, and a woman with loose clothes and fuzzy hair. I observed all four. All looked spectacular and authentic. I was particularly drawn to the last woman, the one with fuzzy hair. Her chair opened up. I looked around to see if anyone else was running up, a woman nodded at me to go up, so I did.

"May I touch you?" she asked.

"You can do whatever you want to me," I replied.

She placed her hands on my shoulders, then leaned over to my left ear. "I never do this, I never ask, but what is your name?"

When I told her she said, "OH. Meredith. We had a Meredith here; this was her chair. She always worked here."

"I guess she's here with us now," I replied.

"I guess so."

She got to work. Her hands were on my shoulders. My eyes were closed, though there was a magnificent ocean view out the window: sun on the water, and blue sky. Her hands were light and fluid. Gentle and cool. She started to talk. It started like a prayer, but quickly morphed to a lecture.

Elaine, her name was Elaine, she said later. She moved her hands to my forehead, to my throat, and upper chest.

Elaine said, "You start with book-learning. Then you learn compassion. Compassion starts in your mind, goes to your heart, and then to your spirit.

"You are a vast consciousness, too big for one body. That's why we have many lives.

"You are in a body to push forward spiritually."

Her voice circled around me. It sounded like she was standing right in front of me. How could she be standing in front of me, speaking, when her hands were on my shoulders? I opened my eyes and saw the ocean. She was standing behind me.

"I ask for healing for every cell of your body," she said.

I thought of every cell and sent healing along with hers. I need healing in every cell of my body.

Afterwards we introduced ourselves. We could request healing prayers. I requested healing prayers for my sister, who recently fractured her arm. Then we all hugged and said goodbye.