Saturday, June 8, 2013


I traveled far and learned so much.

I don't get out much. When I went to my aunt's 85th BD party in Connecticut last month I realized that I hadn't been out of the state of Maine for 6 months.

Virginia. I went there to participate in a conference and present our research. It was the AHNA annual national conference: a gathering of intelligent, educated, experienced, compassionate, wise, witchy women. We like crystals, flowy clothing, local organic raw food, connection with spirit and each other, drumming, the Earth, open hearts, and scholarship. We are nurses.

Virginia. Loved it. Hot, sunny, breezes. Sun, sand, boats. Crab. How many crab cakes did I eat? Not sure. Had them on steamed and atop salad, deep fried on a bun, and alone on a white rectangular plate with a half lemon wrapped in gauze and tied with a yellow ribbon. Tall ships too. Military.

OK, the military stuff was odd. Individually they were wonderful: kind, fit, loving parents, and engaging. Overall, military is creepy. Antagonistic. Why can't we all be friends? I toured a battleship and felt sick. Gave Reiki to the battleship and felt better.

Hayashi was a Captain in the Japanese military (Tadao Yamaguchi, Light on the Origins of Reiki), and Reiki was tied to the military for a while. Then the Japanese were defeated in WW2, and the USA insisted that the Japanese Navy drop all Eastern medicine and practice only Western medicine. hhhmmmmm

What do you think about that?